The State of Public Relations in the UAE

A popular hashtag to follow on social media is #UAEPR, but be warned, you will likely run into many a cynic, who like to poke fun at the local PR community.

This is only due to the glut of boutique PR houses that claim to be public relations and communications specialists that are merely glorified press release writers and distributors.

With all of this being said, many well known PR agencies call Dubai their home and use this as a launchpad for operations across the GCC and broader MENA region. After all, having HQ in Dubai always looks glitzy on the business card.

PR Agencies in Dubai work like almost any other – it really boils down to who you know in order to get results. Many agencies buy contact lists and use these to send our press release blasts with the usual ‘FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE’ headers. Unfortunately, most of these distributions go to inboxes that no longer exist or to the wrong people (who simply ignore them, instead of trying to rectify it).

So to really get your public relations in order, you need to scour the internet for an agency (or even a freelancer) with a plan. Someone who has strategic insights and ideas to truly manifest the concept of public relations.

You don’t want just a press release writing & distribution service. You want a UAE PR agency that will understand your goals and elevate them with a communications strategy that hits all the right notes at all the right times.

It’s by no means an easy task but one that will prove fruitful if your vetting process is thorough.